Retiree Health Plans
for PUBLIK Service Employees

With no medical questions, guaranteed acceptance, and high coverage limits.


Who Qualifies?

All retiring staff and elected officials from all levels of Government.

You have 60 days after your retirement date to qualify.

No medical questions, no pre-existing conditions clauses, and guaranteed acceptance.



All municipal 

retirees residing in qualifying provinces. Including:

  • Cities

  • Towns

  • Villages

  • Resort Villages

  • Northern Towns

  • Hamlets

  • Settlements

  • Rural Municipalities

And More​​​...


All Provincial 

retirees residing in qualifying provinces. Including:

  • School Boards 

  • Post Secondary

  • Education Institutions

  • Authorities

  • Environment

  • Health

  • Highways

  • Park, Culture and Sport

  • Trade and Export Development

  • Labour Relations and Workplace Safety

  • Immigration and Career Training

  • Finance

  • Energy and Resources

  • Agriculture

  • Agencies, Boards and Commissions

And More...


All Federal 

retirees residing in qualifying provinces. Including:

  • Veterans 

  • Military

  • RCMP

  • Elected officials

  • Immigration

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Business & Industry

  • Taxes

  • Benefits

  • Resources

  • Emergency Services

  • Money & Finances

  • Health

  • National Security

  • Transportation

  • Science & Innovation

  • All Departments

  • All Agencies

And More...


All Crown retirees 

residing in qualifying provinces. Including:

  • Global Transportation

  • SaskBuilds

  • Saskatchewan Research Council

  • SaskEnergy Incorporated

  • SaskGaming

  • SaskPower

  • SaskTel

  • SaskWater

  • Tourism Saskatchewan

  • Water Security Agency

  • Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency

  • Saskatchewan Opportunities 

  • Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

  • Saskatchewan Housing Corporation


And More​...

PUBLIK - Eric Biehn

Hi, I'm Eric.

I'm the architect of the

PUBLIK Retiree Health Plans.


An exclusive product of

Viking Benefit Solutions. 

Check out our plan designs below:)


Plan Designs

-Plan pricing is monthly-



Prescription Drugs: $10,000/yr @ 90%

Paramedical Services: $1,500/yr

Travel Insurance:

90 days



Prescription Drugs:

$7,500/yr @ 90%

Paramedical Services: $1,250/yr

Travel Insurance:

60 days



Prescription Drugs:

$5,000/yr @ 80%

Paramedical Services:


Travel Insurance:

60 days



Prescription Drugs: $2,500/yr @ 80%

Paramedical Services: $750/yr

Travel Insurance:

30 days








$52 / month

  • $2,000 / year / person

    • 100% coverage on basic, endodontic, and pariodontic​

    • 50% coverage on major

Optional Dental

Add on to any plan design for only...

Orion Travel Insurance

All our plans include Orion Travel Insurance. Key features include:

  • $5,000,000 of coverage per trip

  • $5,000,000 of COVID coverage, per trip, regardless of COVID restrictions. First of its kind in Canada!

    • (As long as you're fully vaccinated and follow your provincial laws. Full details upon request.)

  • We also have some great Top-up travel options for those longer trips:)


Bonus Features


Homewood Health - Retiree Assistance Program

Offers plan members access to tools, resources and information that can help them better cope with everyday issues ranging from work-life balance and parenting concerns to financial and legal issues to dealing with aging loved ones.


Feel Better Now

Confidential, interactive, web based mental health care tool designed to support family physicians in the early detection, treatment and follow-up of common and potentially debilitating mental health issues.


CAREpath Navigation System

A patient's partner throughout the whole cancer process. CAREpath can help plan members deal with the emotional and medical issues they will face as they struggle with the impact of cancer on their daily personal and work lives.


WorldCare Access

A second opinion service that provides expert, timely

e-consultations for serious illnesses. Delivers highly specialized and personalized electronic second medical opinions from the best medical centres in North America.  


Mary - School  Division Retiree

Retiree Health Plan

I have been with your company for just about a year. I am very happy with the response time.

When I submit a claim the money is in our account within a few days!

Also my questions are answered immediately!

Thank you!


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