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Retiree Health Plans

With no medical questions, guaranteed acceptance, and high coverage limits.

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Who Qualifies

Who Qualifies?
If you are unsure please reach out directly to confirm if you qualify! 



All retiring staff and elected officials from all levels of

Government including many other associations. 



You have 60 days after your retirement date to qualify.

No medical questions, no pre-existing conditions clauses, and guaranteed acceptance.

The Primary member must be under the age of 75 when enrolling. 

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Plan Designs

Plan Designs

-Plan pricing is monthly-

Optional Dental


Prescription Drugs: $10,000/yr @ 90%

Paramedical Services: $1,500/yr

Travel Insurance:

90 days



Prescription Drugs:

$7,500/yr @ 90%

Paramedical Services: $1,250/yr

Travel Insurance:

90 days



Prescription Drugs:

$5,000/yr @ 80%

Paramedical Services:


Travel Insurance:

90 days



Prescription Drugs: $2,500/yr @ 80%

Paramedical Services: $750/yr

Travel Insurance:

90 days









$54 / month

  • $2,000 combined / year / person

    • 100% coverage on basic, endodontic, and pariodontic​

    • 50% coverage on major

Optional Dental

Add on to any plan design for only...

Orion Travel Insurance

Key features include:

  • 90 days per trip limit included in all our plans!

    • (Unlimited number of trips allowed per year)

  • $5,000,000 of coverage per trip

  • $5,000,000 of COVID coverage, per trip, up to level 3 advisory.

    • (As long as you're fully vaccinated and follow your provincial laws. Full details upon request.)

Bonus Features

Superior Technology

Intuitive design allows you to navigate with ease

  • All you need in one beautiful app!

    • Clean, Simple, and Smart

  • Wondering what coverage you have?

    • Simply ask and the app will navigate you

  • Track your claims

    • Easily track all your transactions​

    • Any issues are easily resolved with a direct link to the claims department.


PocketPills Digital Pharmacy

Order prescriptions digitally from the comfort of your own home with PocketPills.

PocketPills logo.png

Our partnership with PocketPills makes medication more accessible and affordable for members.

  • Receive an additional 10% of coverage when using PocketPills

    • Elite & Deluxe plans get 100% coverage​ on prescription drugs

    • Lite & Premier plans get 90% coverage on prescription drugs

  • free home delivery

  • live chat with a pharmacist

  • family medication management

Maple Online Healthcare

We partner with Wello (now Maple) to offer a virtual healthcare plan.

Members have 24/7 access to physical and mental health professionals via mobile or desktop devices. Clinicians are able to:

  • diagnose & treat conditions

  • offer specialist referrals

  • fill/refill prescriptions

  • provide mental health support


HumanaCare Retiree Assistance Program 

Provides compassionate, holistic support and counseling for members and their families.


For those experiencing life challenges. Services include but are not limited to:

  • financial and legal counseling services

  • nutritional health and wellness counseling

  • elder care navigation

  • child care navigation

Viking Reviews

William - Municipal Retiree

Retiree Health Plan

Although just a recent new member of the Publik Retiree Health Plans.  I had the pleasure of dealing with Brenda.


While gathering information, numerous questions and concerns,  and eventually signing up, I have to say that Brenda  responded very quickly to my questions, concerns and information.  I feel confident that when the time comes everything will be as efficient and smooth.

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