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Equitable HealthConnector Services


Health and wellness solutions that matter® and can lead to healthier Plan Members and workplace



A standard feature of all Equitable Life Plans is the easy to access, reliable Canadian health and wellness resources available through®. is offered to all our Groups at no charge as part of their Group Benefits Plan and is available to all Plan Members.  On top of access to online self-service options, connects Plan Members with Canadian health and wellness resources through the Equitable HealthConnector® platform and Homewood Health®.


  • HealthConnector supports Members' health by connecting them to the resources that can help them find a doctor, deal with a family or personal issue or locate valuable health resources. 


  • Homewood Health® Online ( offers Plan Members access to tools, resources and information that can help them better cope with everyday issues ranging from work-life balance and parenting concerns, financial and legal issues to dealing with aging loved ones. This includes an interactive online Health Risk Assessment, and access to iVolve, an innovative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program that helps employees seeking support with anxiety or depression. is appropriately marketed to Plan Members as “resources for a healthier you” and can help reduce employer costs associated with avoidable and unnecessary absences by supporting employees in their efforts to be at their best at home and at work. However, there are health and life events when Plan Members require direct and professional assistance to provide support, direction and expertise in managing specific situations that could:

  • Threaten their health and well-being;

  • Challenge their work-life balance; and

  • Impact their ability to be present and productive at work.


That’s where other, employer paid HealthConnector services come in.


HealthConnector provides a unique platform allowing employers to easily customize their Group Benefit programs to meet their specific demographic and cost containment needs by being:

  • Available in any combination to provide comprehensive coverage for Plan Members;

  • Billed as part of a single, unified monthly statement; and

Easily accessible for Plan Members online on under My Resources


Equitable Life clients have the ability to customize their Group Benefit programs with services that meet their specific needs. These services guide and assist Plan Members through specific life events and help them return to leading healthy and productive lives at home and at work.
Equitable Life is pleased to provide the following employer paid HealthConnector services for consideration:

Homewood Health® Employee and Family Assistance Program

For over 40 years, Homewood has led the industry in employee and family assistance and organizational wellness. Your Plan Members can benefit from their comprehensive services across the mental health continuum.


Homeweb, Homewood’s personalized online portal, is available to support all Plan Members in their daily efforts to lead a balanced life. It remembers the user and serves up content unique to their interests including interactive tools, assessments and e-courses. Plan Members also have access to an online Health Risk Assessment to identify and address health risks, and iVolve, an online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment tool to help coach Plan Members to manage mild to moderate anxiety and depression.


For situations where Plan Members or their eligible dependents may be struggling with issues that require greater support and resources, an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) can help. Homewood’s EFAP provides support from a national network of over 4,500 counsellors and clinical professionals. Whether it’s face-to-face, by phone, email, chat, video counselling, or self-directed treatment programs, clients receive the most appropriate, most timely support for the issue they’re dealing with. Plan Members receive professional support to manage their health and well-being before it impacts their productivity at work.



Every day, millions of Canadians struggle with the impact of living with mental health issues. Left undiagnosed or unmonitored, mental health issues can impact employees’ ability to keep up with the daily demands of life and work.


Provided by Mensante and reviewed and approved by the College of Family Physicians of Canada as a practice management tool available to assist family physicians in patient care. (FBN) is a confidential, interactive, web based mental health care tool designed to support family physicians in the early detection, treatment and follow-up of common and potentially debilitating mental health issues. FBN will help identify when an individual is at risk for common mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety and alcoholism and provide their doctors the practical help they need to treat and follow up on these disorders. By supporting both the treating physician and the Plan Members in dealing with mental health issues, FBN can help clear the path back to productivity at work.



The CAREpath Navigation System™

Being diagnosed, or having a loved one diagnosed with cancer is only the first step in a long and difficult journey back to health. The CAREpath’s Navigation System is a patient’s partner throughout the whole cancer process. CAREpath can help Plan Members deal with the emotional and medical issues they will face as they struggle with the impact of cancer on their daily personal and work lives.


CAREpath can reduce the burden that the disease places on employees and their families by ensuring that treatment is based on the most up-to-date, reliable and evidence-based information. Telephone support is provided by oncology nurses supported by oncology physicians. These professionals help Plan Members before their first visit to an oncologist and continue to provide information, guidance and support while the person goes through cancer treatment and their efforts to return to health and work.

WorldCare ACCESS (remote second opinion service)


A second opinion service from WorldCare ACCESS provides expert, timely e-consultations for serious illnesses.  WorldCare ACCESS delivers highly specialized and personalized electronic second medical opinions from the best medical centres in North America.  Second opinions include a confirmation or modification of the original diagnosis and treatment recommendations, including alternative treatments and/or therapies, based upon the latest cutting-edge research from experts from member hospitals of the WorldCare ConsortiumSM, including:

  • Children’s Hospital of Boston

  • Duke University Health System;

  • The Mayo Clinic;

  • Partners HealthCare System (Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dana-Farber/Partners CancerCare); and,

  • UCLA HealthCare


Benefits of this service include:

  • Electronic process can provide multiple Second Opinions from several hospitals simultaneously in complex cases;

  • Coverage for 29 conditions (including 4 psychological) and any other life threatening illness;

  • Personal assistance throughout the second opinion process from a dedicated WorldCare ACCESS Member Care Representative; and

  • Medical records collected at no cost to the Plan Member.


By providing access to second opinions from some of the world’s leading hospitals and specialists, Plan Members will benefit from the most up-to-date treatments, techniques and procedures as they and their doctors deal with life threatening medical and mental health illnesses.


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