Health & Dental Insurance

Pricing and Claims Processing

Equitable Life of Canada is our trusted insurance provider for Health & Dental Insurance. The Viking team has worked with Equitable for over 30 years. They have proven themselves to be a trust worthy partner.

Equitable sure isn't scared to think outside the box and work with those who have the same philosophy. They have been an integral part to getting PUBLIK off the ground! We are very excited to continue to grow our relationship with this amazing company. 

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Travel Insurance

Orion is one of Canada's highest value travel insurance carriers. They are responsible for all the CAA travel insurance and have been growing rapidly for years. They have opened their business to us and we will be forever grateful for that. They made it possible to provide the best travel coverage in the industry! They are so kind and progressive. We are looking forward to working with Orion for many years to come! 

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