Doug Biehn, CFP

Partner & President

Doug started Viking Benefit Solutions in 2004. He has an impressive resume, and industry leading experience in Finance, and Insurance. When he's not studying economics and politics, he enjoys tinkering around the house.

He's an avid DIYer, from contracting his beautiful home, to landscaping and gardening, Doug sure isn't afraid of hard work! 


Nancy Buck, P.Eng.

Partner & Manager

Nancy manages our day-to-day. From accounting to HR, she's got us covered. Nancy's definitely a country girl! She loves riding horses and spending time on her acreage with her friends and family, especially her beautiful grandkids. Oh, and let's not forget to mentions her cutie patutie puppy, Lucy, who always wins employee of the year for being so darn cute lol


Sarah Ellefson, C.E.T

Benefits Advisor

Sarah's our connection to the south. She works with business' and individuals surrounding the Town of Kipling, SK. (Or Clipping as her son Jett calls it! lol), offering great advice on Group Benefits, Life Insurance, & Critical Illness. Sarah, also enjoys horseback riding, visiting with family and friends, photo-ops, and Tiktok challenges with her son. Now that's some good entertainment!